About Holistic Health Coach Judy Conner

Wellness is a lifelong journey of discovery and includes health of body, mind & spirit and if we dare, we can always restart our health at any point.

My journey to wellness started like many others. I struggled with weight my entire life, always on the lookout for the next best solution.  But I never found lasting results, always regaining weight I’d lost. My career as a registered nurse in a large hospital included long shifts, quick meals and no time to exercise.

Judy Conner

In 2010 my life changed.  I transferred to Diabetes Education where I truly learned more about nutrition than my training as an RN ever taught me. At that point I learned about healthy food choices, portion sizes, and the dangers of sugar to name a few things.  I became a vegetarian because I was beginning to have health issues and wanted to be proactive rather than waiting for illness to take control of my body and this seemed the best choice at the time.  I also upped my physical regimen, with more biking, hiking and skiing.   I lost 40+ pounds and found my blood pressure and cholesterol profile all improved, along with energy and mental clarity.  But I grappled with keeping my iron levels normal and as a result, I added meat in reasonable portions back into my diet.

As I interviewed patient after patient with weight and health issues, I saw that many had other life factors that affected their weight and fitness, that emotions, relationships and spirit had as much to do with results as anything.  I realized that a healthy weight was tied to much more than diet alone.

My job was eliminated in 2015 which put me at a crossroads. I didn’t really want to pursue diabetes education elsewhere because experience had taught the medical model alone didn’t seem to help my patients.  At the same time my developing passion for preventative health was pulling my career goals in a new direction.

After some serious soul-searching and encouragement from loved ones, I decided to become a certified holistic health coach. For a year, I trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which taught me innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques and over 100 dietary theories since no one approach is effective for everyone.  I have seen for myself that a supportive, emphatic coach that helps customers set goals and helps them hold themselves accountable is really what individuals need to restart their journey to health and wellness.