“I may have already told you that I was pretty skeptical about health coaching.  I have tried so many things in the past that just proved to be a waste of time and money. Well to my surprise, I am enjoying our time together. What I like most is your attention is focused on me and not a group of people that are all treated the same way.  I like the one on one time and trying to figure out my barriers.  I also like that you are helping me with more than just the diet and food.  I also like it when you give me suggestions of what may or may not be a help to me.  Lastly is the fact that you don’t judge me, nor do you make assumptions as to why things didn’t work for me and don’t ridicule me for messing up or not following through. You give me constant encouragement and I really appreciate that!” -C. W.

Wow!  What a wonderful life experience these past 6 months have been.  One of the best life decisions I’ve made in my 64 + years….Gotten to like myself more and with that comes the desire to take care of myself.  -P.S.